Financial Judgment Recovery

is dedicated to the enforcement of civil judgments. We purchase your judgment in its entirety. We cover all the costs and expenses incurred in locating the judgment debtor and enforcing the judgment. We make our money only from the judgment debtor, at no cost to you.

The fact is – over 75% of all court judgments are never recovered. Your judgment may have been awarded by the court but collections is YOUR responsibility. Financial Judgment Recovery can succeed where you haven’t! We have the resources, expertise, and systems to enforce the court judgment you worked so hard to get. We will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover any assets or sources of income, and take whatever steps are necessary to legally seize them!

If you have a valid court awarded judgment of $1,500 or more, we will use every method at our disposal to recover the full amount of the unpaid judgment plus any interest that has accrued since the judgment was issued. We will track the judgment debtor down even if he or she has moved to another state. We have access to both private and public databases that allow us to ‘skip-trace’ the debtor and to locate any assets that he or she may have. As allowed by law, we will garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and seize assets as necessary. If possible, we will try to do so without any notification or confrontation. In short, we will enforce the judgment that was legally and rightfully awarded to you by the courts!

We neither charge an finding the debtor, seizing assets, collecting my money, debt collection, legal collections, getting paid on debtapplication fee nor require you to cover any expenses. We purchase the judgment from you for a percentage of the award amount. We bear all expenses and legal costs incurred in the enforcement process. We are currently purchasing judgments awarded in all states.

To get the ball rolling, please complete the short application here. We will review your case and arrange a telephone consultation with you as quickly as possible. There is absolutely no obligation on your part. Isn’t it time justice was served?

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What is a Judgment?

In law, a judgment is a decision of a court regarding the rights and liabilities of parties in a legal action or proceeding.[1] Judgments also generally provide the court’s explanation of why it has chosen to make a particular court order.[2]

The phrase “reasons for judgment” is often used interchangeably with “judgment”, although the former refers to the court’s justification of its judgment while the latter refers to the final court order regarding the rights and liabilities of the parties.[3] As the main legal systems of the world recognize either a common law or statutory duty to provide reasons for a judgment, drawing a distinction between “judgment” and “reasons for judgment” may be unnecessary in most circumstances.”Wikipedia