small claims court, security deposit, rent deposit, collecting security deposit, court judgment, court judgementPROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A local woman reached out to Call 12 For Action for help after her landlord kept her security deposit for what she thought was an illegitimate reason. Rose Ann Robert lived in her Pawtucket apartment for five years. She said she took care of it – and before she moved out in August, she washed the appliances, walls and carpets. According to Rose Ann, her handiwork wasn’t good enough, because her former landlord sent a letter saying he was keeping the security deposit. “I was frustrated. I was frustrated. He was giving me nothing,” she said. In a letter to Rose Ann, Michael Artesani of 1704 Associates, II, LLC. claimed he was withholding the $725 because he had to “replace three sets of window blinds” and “reprime” the apartment. Artesani even tried to […]